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Zoetis Glanvac/Eryvac May 2020

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Tankswest May/June 2020 Promotion

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Coerco May/June 2020 Promo

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Southern Wire May/June 2020 Promo

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Customer Online Web Page

Customers of Hathway Farm Equipment can now view their account details via our online client web page There are a number of key features available to customers, with additional enhancements offered in future. If you would like to access this feature, please email Fiona Colvin, quoting your account number at

Current features available include:
Overview of Balances

Provides details of Balances on your account (current, due and total), Purchases (current month, current year and previous year) and Last Transactions (invoice and payments received).

Access Monthly Statements

Statements may be opened, viewed and printed.

View Account Transactions

Within this area you will be able to:

  • View Invoices, Credit Notes (returns) and Receipts (payments made).
  • Select those items and View Details and/or Print.
  • View your account and see what invoices have been paid and are yet to be paid.
  • Filter your results by time range (ie. this month, last three months, last financial year, etc).
  • Sort information displayed by type, reference number, order number, date, due date, amount and oustanding amount.
Review of Purchases

Purchase history may be viewed (and details printed if needed) by time period, description, date, quanitity or price.